Immortal Gates

Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Angel Species

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PostSubject: Angel Species   Angel Species I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 5:05 pm

Angels were sent from the Gods to take power from the Demons in hopes of returning Earth to its former glory. You can find Angels in two places: Chero and the Rebel's Camp in the Incanto Forest. Some you may also find have been taken as slaves to Demons in Abaddon. More information on these places can be found HERE.

Angels have abilities that humans do not. They all have basic powers which include:

  • the ability to hide their wings
  • the ability to fly
  • the ability to heal themselves
  • the ability to create forces of light and use them in battle

Other abilities may include but are not limited to:

  • mind reading (limited to human's minds)
  • ability to make themselves disappear
  • the ability to create life (plants, small birds, etc.) - This does not include creating humans or other Angels!!!
  • the ability to control one of the five elements to a small degree: Air, Fire, Water, Earth - ONLY to a SMALL degree; therefore Angels cannot use elemental power to completely change the Earth back to what it was.
  • the ability to have a minor affect on the element spirit (limited to affecting humans)
  • etc...

Angels are sent from the Gods and therefore have certain rules to follow. Simply, if you think an Angel shouldn't be doing something, they're more than likely not allowed to do so. However, there are certain rules that we expect Angels to follow on the site, listed below.

  • Angels cannot lie - for the sake of the site, this is limited to humans and other Angels.This is to prevent the entire operation from being exposed if an Angel is captured by a Demon.
  • Angels can mate with whoever they wish, but there are consequences for everything here. If an Angel mates with a human, their child is considered Nephilim, which are outcasts in Chero and are often hunted by Demons as slaves. Children of an Angel and Demon, will simply turn out as a Demon, but often won't live past the age of 20.
  • Angels will never have a showing Halo. - Obviously, this is to prevent them being recognized.
  • This being said, Angels must not, under any circumstances tell another species (aside from Nephilim) that they are Angels. Of course, we expect this rule to be broken especially among partners. Just keep in mind that this puts your partner in a lot of danger if you do so.

NOTE: "Abortions" are not common, and if one is wanted it will be messy and unofficial. Ex. beating someone with a stick and metal hangers kind of abortions. They are not pleasant. At the same time, "preventative measures" are also non-existent anymore. Because the world is not as we know it, there are no factories producing condoms and birth control. So things like this are rare and in most cases not considered.

To read more about Hybrid offspring, read HERE

One last thing, Angels can have the ability to heal themselves as mentioned above. Therefore, an Angel's lifespan is considerably longer than a humans. Keep this in mind when creating relationships. There is no way for a human to become an Angel. There is no way to prolong the life of humans to the extent of an Angel's lifespan.
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Angel Species
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