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Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy)

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Zara Graystar
Zara Graystar

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Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy) Empty
PostSubject: Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy)   Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy) I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2014 11:20 pm

As she lifted herself out of the tunnels and into the brightness of the day, Zara couldn't help but squint her eyes a bit. She wasn't used to the sun. She should be - the sun was supposed to be good for you...not like living in tunnels was healthy either. After her eyes adjusted a bit, she started through the streets, not making eye contact with anybody and moving quickly. There wasn't time to bother talking to anybody right now. Heading down into the first alleyway, she started towards a small set of abandoned houses. Here there was a small market where things were traded - most thing that had been found in houses or warehouses.

By now anything of use was usually gone, but somehow there were always people wanting something else. Occasionally there were actually some really great things there. Earlier, Zara had grabbed a bag of candles that her group made. It was one of the only secure jobs in Chero - their only source of lighting being candles - but so many were made so that they could be traded for better things.

Keeping quiet, she wandered into the first house, sticking close to Andy. These places made her nervous no matter how many times she had been there already. It was an uncomfortable situation that often got out of hand if not dealt with properly. Looking around, she noticed a mirror and smiled sadly at her reflection. It would be nice to have one to get ready, but it wasn't like she would like what reflected back at her anyways. Besides, that was not something she could trade for with the candles. She needed to get something that would benefit everybody.

Letting Andy look around a little herself, she tried to find some blankets or cookware. If there was nothing, there were still plenty of other houses to visit. She could feel the man's eyes - who 'owned' this particular 'shop - watching her wherever she went and it made it all the more uncomfortable, but it was an unfortunate necessity. There were all to easily stolen here - she couldn't blame people for trying to survive.
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Andy Black
Andy Black

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Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy)   Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2014 4:28 am

Andy helped Zara push herself out of the tunnels - one perk to this being he could grab her ass without being questioned about it since it helped her up onto the ground. He smirked a bit as he pushed her up but when he reached the surface himself, his face was emotionless. He looked around cautiously and followed her through the city quickly, trying not to let it be obvious that he was on edge. The last thing he wanted was for someone to stop him and ask why his guard seemed to be so strong right now.

Sighing softly as they got to the first house, Andy looked around at the things that the owner was 'selling'. He had things that he could trade if he found anything of use. But as he walked around the house, he really didn't see anything that would be useful for his group. He picked up a couple things to look and put them back, knowing full well that he was being watched like a hawk. It was understandable, he would hate it if someone stole from him.

Going back to Zara, he tilted his head slightly. "Find anything?" He asked curiously, wondering if she'd spotted something that he didn't. If not, they could easily move on to the next house, it wasn't a big deal.
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Searching For Hope (Closed to Andy)
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