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Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN]

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Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN]   Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN] I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2014 10:13 pm

The ruins had to be one of Nao's favorite places of all time to be within Abaddon, that was other than the abandoned building in which he took refuge in away from the demons and others of the human race. There was something about the broken down part of the city in which drew the short male to them but he couldn't quite place what it was that did so.

Maybe it was the mysteries in which they held? Or was it because he had so little knowledge of the place he lived in for these many years since the downfall of Earth and the Human race itself? Especially since he was not originally from this land but from one far to the East, where his home country was located.

Then again, one of the reasons were actually because no one dared to step foot in the place in fear of the spirits that resided there and the 'eery' feeling that it gives off due to the dense air that surrounded the place and how quite it was. Although Nao was actually quite the scaredy-cat, these sorts of places did fascinate him. He had always been one for learning new things and this was one of the places and things he was trying to decipher and learn about. What kind of place Abaddon used to be before the demons took over and destroyed much of the Human race and the beautiful buildings that once stood here.

As he slowly made his way deeper into the ruins, the small dark haired boy gently ran his fingers across the rough surface of one of the walls that barely stood its ground as he passed. It was cold to the touch, but at the same time it gave off a small spark of knowledge with it and he could tell that it used to be a smooth and delicate surface before it had started to erode away due to neglect. It made him yearn to learn more about this place.

However, it was also his downfall; his attention had been completely drawn away from the threats of being seen by demons who hid within the dense fog that surrounded these beautiful ruins, images of the past and living pieces of history as he was more focused on searching for more answers only to feel a chill run its way down his spine as he felt eyes on him causing Nao to look all around him, small onyx eyes searching for any shape that did not match his current surroundings and for the source of those prying eyes.
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Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN]   Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2014 10:40 pm

Emily loved the ruins, but not because of the knowledge that it once held or the secrets that the building used to hold. It was mostly because of the fact that people thought it was haunted, so hardly anyone, even demons, dare enter it. The blonde girl knew how everyone feared this building, how it was said to be haunted and that made it absolutely perfect for her to hide in. Add to that the fact that it was hard to see anything because of the fog, it was easy to get lost in the fog. Everyone found the ruins dangerous, creepy and scary.

But to Emily, this place was salvation. She could take from the market and hide here so no demons would see her for very long before she was gone. No one would ever think to live in the ruins, let alone that Emily herself spent some of her nights there to make sure that no one found her. The last thing she wanted was to be sucked into being a slave because he was captured by some of the demon hunters. So she made her home in the ruins, and even had a bit of shelter in it so that she didn’t get sick.

Today though, someone had entered the ruins and Emily was very confused. Who the hell is confused enough to go into the ruins when everyone thinks that they’re haunted?! It scared the blonde considering for the past few months she’d thought that she was safe here. She hid behind a pillar and watched from afar, trying to decide whether or not this person was dangerous. She could hardly tell if it was a boy or a girl from the distance, but she decided to take a chance and come out from behind the pillar, looking at him fearfully. “… Who are you?”
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Curiosity is a Dangerous Thing. [OPEN]
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