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Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Presentation Sheet [Andy Black]

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Andy Black
Andy Black

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PostSubject: Presentation Sheet [Andy Black]   Presentation Sheet [Andy Black] I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 28, 2014 12:21 am

Last Name: Black
First name: Andrew
Nickname: Andy
Age: 354 years old.

Sex: Male.
Sexual orientation: Straight – sorry boys.

Profession: Leader of the Rebels.
Area of Residence: Incanto Forest

- Protection charms
- Healing

Description of your powers:
Protection charms: Andy has been able to cast protection charms for as long as he can remember and this is currently what keeps the Rebel Camp safe. It creates a barrier so that anyone meaning to do harm to the camp or any of its occupants, cannot perceive it and are unable to acknowledge its existence. This charm can also be modified to charm a certain person or being.

Healing: Andy has been known to be able to heal wounds, burns, cuts or scrapes. He cannot heal someone who is sick or dying, but it isn’t without lack of trying.

Physical Description: Andy is about 6” tall with a thin build and he’s not overly muscular. He actually borders the thinner side of body types, but he still fights with the strength of ten men. Andy's piercing blue eyes are darker around the edges, but lighter as they get closer to the pupil. He has long black hair that frames his face and falls just to his shoulders. He has two piercings – one in right side of his nose, the other in the left side of his lip. – and he has wings tattooed on his back, but only when he is hiding his real wings from the people around him. He’s not overly muscular, he’s actually bordering the thinner side, but he still fights with the strength of ten men.

Psychological Description: Andy’s main thought is preserving the human race, but there’s more to him than just that. He’s a hopeless romantic, though he refuses to admit it out loud. He’s a sweet guy, and sometimes even a bit goofy. He loves to have fun, but he’s serious when he needs to be. He’s a hard worker and a good leader. He cares about everyone, and is extremely honest when it comes to people asking him questions. Though he still denies that he and Zara are together. He feels that he doesn't have time to be with someone, no matter how badly he wants it. Sometimes he comes across as an ass, or a bit full of himself, but it's never truly intentional.

Story: Ten years ago when the demons first invaded, Andy was sent to Earth, along with many other Angels. They all fought as hard as they could but it was not in the cards for them to win. He and some others were captured, but managed to escape quickly and free some humans along the way.

With his capabilities, he created the Rebels camp – a place for humans to be safe, and learn to fight so that one day they can take back the Earth that was rightfully theirs. No one in the camp is aware of his true identity, but there are many rumors since he hasn’t aged and the camp seems to be untouchable to those who mean it harm.

Before becoming an Angel, Andy was a normal human being. He had a mother, a father and he was raised in a small home. His father was all about war and the military, so Andy grew up learning to fight and defend himself. They fell on hard times and Andy was forced to join the army. On his journey, he fell in love, but she died before they could get married. Feeling heartbroken, he dove back into war, driven by his hurt to work hard and win every battle.

Though he denies remembering anything from his past, it is still a very high contributing factor to the reason why he is so skilled at battle.

Other: Andy has known Zara for many years now, and though he refuses to say that they're together, or admit it to himself, he does have feelings for her.
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Presentation Sheet [Andy Black]
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