Immortal Gates

Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Presentation Sheet [Zara Graystar]

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Zara Graystar
Zara Graystar

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PostSubject: Presentation Sheet [Zara Graystar]   Presentation Sheet [Zara Graystar] I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2014 2:50 am

Last Name: Graystar
First name: Zara
Nickname: Star (by Andy only)
Age: 20

Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight

Profession: Leader of The Renegades - Also, a scavanger
Area of Residence: Chero

Physical Description of Character:
Zara is 5'6" - average height and has blonde hair; the color of gold. Having a thin frame, most would think she was weak, but in reality she has strength not only physically but emotionally as well. Her grey/silver eyes have a dark ring around the edges and small green specks that are only visable in the right light which is hard to find where she lives. She has two tattoos - one on her shoulder of a cluster of small stars, and a small one on her hand of a capital 'R' which she did herself with ink and a needle she sterilized with fire.
Psychological Description of Character:
Zara's teen years were spent in captivity - with her only duties being hunting and providing sexual favors. Because of this, she fought hard for her freedom and may come off as rude or straightforward - or both. This is because she does not stand for bullshit, or people wasting her time. At the same time, she has issues with trusting people, though she does not let this stand in the way of helping The Renegades and protecting those who need it. However, this is a reason behind her distancing herself from Andy, her "unofficial" boyfriend. It puts a strain on their relationship, though she refuses to admit that there is a relationship other than a professional one.
Zara Graystar is a human born ten years before the Apocalypse. Her parents were teachers, though at the first appearance of Demons teachers were no longer necessary. Her mother was killed on the first night by a Demon. Her father fought bravely during the war but was killed when humankind lost it's last chance at freewill. An orphan at twelve, Zara wandered the streets before being captured and forced into slavery.

It was five years before she was able to escape into the depths of Chero. From there, she learnt how to survive and began teaching others. By the time she was eighteen The Renegades was born - a group that stood together to survive.

Zara and Andy have known each other for quite some time, but she does not know that he is an Angel as she refuses to let herself get too close to him. Despite this, it is plainly visable to others that they are "together" despite the two refuses to admit it themselves.
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Presentation Sheet [Zara Graystar]
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