Immortal Gates

Post-Apocalyptic Earth, the world is dark. Angels and Demons have returned to the Earth. Humans are in hiding, those who can't hide are servants for the immortals.
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 Children - All Species

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PostSubject: Children - All Species   Children - All Species I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2014 2:59 pm

NOTE: If you wish for your character to be a Hybrid - please post your Presentation in the "Hybrid" section.

Children born of Angels and Humans are considered Nephilim, which are outcasts in Chero and are often hunted by Demons as slaves. These children thrive best out of the three hybrid options. They are the healthiest and the most accepted, though only to an extent.

Children of an Angel and Demon, will simply turn out as a Demon, but often won't live past the age of 20. These offspring usually cannot be carried to term. Also, in most cases these children are created through rape. Regardless if created through rape, love or otherwise, the Gods frown upon these children and therefore do not live long. If they do manage to live to the age of 20, they will die of a heart attack or other means (if by a character) on their 21st birthday. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS.

Children born of Demons and Humans are called Cambions. Simply put, they are half-demon, half human. KEEP IN MIND that most offspring of a Demon/Human pairing is created through rape of a Demon and his/her slave. Therefore, most often Demon's will kill these offspring though there are instances when this does not occur.

NOTE: "Abortions" are not common, and if one is wanted it will be messy and unofficial. Ex. beating someone with a stick and metal hangers kind of abortions. They are not pleasant. At the same time, "preventative measures" are also non-existent anymore. Because the world is not as we know it, there are no factories producing condoms and birth control. So things like this are rare and in most cases not considered.

PLEASE keep in mind that male pregnancy is common. Male Pregnancy is more common when it involves a Demon. However, male pregnancy has been known to occur with Angels as well. It is not possible when only involving two Humans.
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Children - All Species
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